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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s surgery successful!!!

As I saw before my eyes on the Friday evening edition of news on AAj Tak!!,

I froze. I was just informed(thanks to the rather eloquent presenter) that the Prime Minister hon’ Doc.manmohan singh has just been admitted to aims for a double redo bypass surgery. As i faintly remembered , he had already undergone Angioplasty once in 2003 but I guess the blockages must have resurfaced.

Whilst the TV presenter said in their cliched manner(which reminded me of the most recent news reports on the mumbai terror blasts) I wondered about the severe blow that this had dealt to the Congress’ hope of campaigning with the Prime Minister at their forefront . It also made me seriously wonder Manmohan Singhs’s health and fitness to be able to sustain another 5 year term at the Parliament House…………doesn’t it make you wonder.

The timing though was impeccable and by impeccable I mean completely peaccable (if such a word exists). What with the country at a poetntial war with PAkistan and also under an apparent terror seige the last thing we needed was India’s most accomplished diplomat (thanks to N-Deal) in the ICU instead at the frontlines trying to strengthen diplomatic relations b/w the two countries.

So the question is raised -will Manmohan Singh be able to sustain another term at the helm of the world’s largetst democracy???Probably yes because the surgery has succeeded (hurrah!!!!!).

But one can still not overlook the fact that the impact of this incident on the minds of the voters could be inevitable and the littleteam of trustworthy,hardcore Congress voters could be completely abrogated.

The scales now seem to tip fairly well in the favour of BJP for the upcoming election.Cinsider

Inflation+Mumbai terror attacks+Pm’s deteriorating health(national)

What do you think?Vote for your chosen party.Please do vote.


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