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The following was my speech on the agenda of illicit drug crop production for AMUN 2008 ; just to give y’all an idea of how to write it!


Thanking the respected chair and the executive board, the delegate of the Kingdom of Spain would like to put forwards Spain’s stand on the issue of illicit drug crops and alternative development.

Growth of drug crops by farmers as commercial crops has always been a global issue . The main drugs crops grown by farmers to sell as illicit drugs include opium poppy, cannabis plant and cocaine plants.

Spain is not a significant producer of any kind of narcotic. The Spanish drug law prevents the production of illicit drugs. To discourage farmers from growing drug crops , the Spanish government mainly works with NGOs such as the  AECAM (ASOCIACION PARA EL ESTUDIO DEL CANNABIS AMIGOS DE MARIA) . Spain is an active member of ENCOD which is the European coalition for just and effective drug policies. Spain participates in “the single convention on narcotic drugs which prohibits production and supply of specific (nominally narcotic) drugs. Spain is taking the necessary legislative steps to bring its counter-narcotics and crime laws into compliance with EU directives. Spanish narcotics officials participate in major multilateral narcotics organizations, including the Dublin Group and the UN Drug Control Program (UNDCP).

The United Nations has various programs focused on their goal of eliminating illicit cultivation of coca and opium by 2008. These include the United Nations International Drug Control Programme (UNDCP), and the Strategy for Coca and Opium Poppy Elimination (SCOPE). Since 1980’s the United Nations has focused on broader alternative development strategies which focus not only on forced eradication by law enforcement but also on health care, education, infrastructure, food supplies, and income-generating activities.

Spain feels that simply forcefully eradicating the illicit crops is not enough. Rather there needs to be a focus on the development of alternative crops, which make it possible for the farmers to move away from the illicit cultivation willingly.


Please note this is a sample speech so donty try to CTRL +c.CTRL+v it!

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