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Bata-Bing! Bata-Boom! Bata-Bang!

January 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Now that I’m over with adverting for teh not so famous Indian chappal/shoes/footwear maker, I shall proceed in earnest!

[DISCLAIMER::The following may/may not be a sponsored post, wotcher. For excessive Vogonic references, the inconvenience  caused is regretted, however you can get a 42% discount on Eccentrica Products for the next semester. ]

Clearing teh UCP was pointless as the dust had settled permanently mixed with my utterly radioactive excretions mutated into a giant dust munster- The Big Dusty Fiant( The BDG) . Yes I know Roald Dahl is turning in his grave. Anyway… coming back to the point.

This is my (almost)last and (pe)ultimate stab at renervating the very soul of my half-deceased blog. 7 half lives have gone so far. For all you chemists out there yhe formula is 100/(2^n). So I shall strive to write regularly now.

What have I been upto?

Well, a lot of things. This boy has learnt l33t. An article is due.

Learnt the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything.Anotehyr one.

Finally solved the perplexing question which happened to be my first thread on

And I helped evolved SpaceSet to SpaceS3t to SpaceS4t to Space54t to SpaceSex to SpaceSolongandthanksforallthefish And finally to Space53x

Hanging out with other cool 42 fnatics is funnner than anything. But now, he came, he blogged, he conquered, he peed. Oops, sorry.

Anyway so thats an overview of upcoming events.


History 1-Mark Questions!

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Q1. What happened on the morning of 14th july, 1789?

Ans. Group of several hundred people marched towards the eastern part of the city and stormed the fortress-prison, the Bastille.

Q2. What does OLD REGIME means?

Ans. The society of estates was part of the feudal system that dated back to the middle ages. The term Old Regime is usually used to describe the society and institutions of France before 1789.

Q3. Why did Louis XVI call a meeting of Estate General?

Ans. He had to call a meeting of the Estates General to pass his proposals for new taxes

Q4. Who were two main leaders of the National Assembly?

Ans. Mirabeau and Abbé Sieyès.

Q5. Who wrote the song Marsellaise? What was its significance?

Ans. Marseillaise was composed by the poet Roget de L’Isle. The Marseillaise is now the national anthem of France.

Q6. Who was Rousseau? Name the famous work by Rousseau.

Ans. Rousseau was a French philosopher whose writings played a significant role in the outbreak of the revolution.
His famous work was the social contract.

Q7. Which was the popular political club of France? Who was its leader?

Ans. Most famous club was that of the Jacobins. Its leader was Maximilian Robespierre.

Q8. Why did the International Military Tribunal set up in Nuremberg after Second World War?

Ans. At the end of the Second World War, an International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg was set up to prosecute Nazi war criminals for Crimes against Peace, for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

Q9. What does genocidal was mean? Why were the Allies not too harsh on defeated Germany?

Ans. 1. Killing on large scale leading to destruction of large sections of people.
2. The Allies did not want to be as harsh on defeated Germany as they had been after the First World War. Everyone came to feel that the rise of Nazi Germany could be partly traced back to the German experience at the end of the First World War.

Q10. What was hyper inflation?

Ans. hyperinflation is a situation when prices rise phenomenally high.

Q11. What was Enabling Act of 1933?

Ans. This Act established dictatorship in Germany. It gave Hitler all powers to sideline Parliament and rule by decree.

Q12. Name the party formed by Adolf Hitler.

Ans, National Socialist German Workers’ Party. This party came to be known as the Nazi Party.

Q13. Why was USA reluctant to enter into the war? Why did it enter the war?

Ans. 1. It was unwilling to once again face all the economic problems that the First World War had caused.
2. But it could not stay out of the war for long. Japan was expanding its power in the east. It had occupied French Indo-China and was planning attacks on US naval bases in the Pacific. When Japan extended its support to Hitler and bombed the US base at Pearl Harbor, the US entered the Second World War.

Q14. Who are nomadic pastoralists? Name the pastoralists in India of the mountainous regions.

Ans. Nomads are people who do not live in one place but move from one area to another to earn their living. Gujjar Bakarwals of Jammu and Kashmir, Gaddi shepherds of Himachal Pradesh, Gujjar cattle herders

Q15. Name the pastoralists of the plateau and plains in India.

Ans. Raikas of Rajasthan, Dhangars of Maharashtra, Banjaras of Madhya Pradesh, Gollas of Andhra Pradesh.

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Statement by the Permanent Rerpesentative of Cyprus
Ambassador Sotos Zackheos
to the 54th Session of the General Assembly
on Agenda Item 24:

Return or Restitution of Cultural Property
to the Countries of Origin

December 7, 1999

Mr. President,

The issue of the return or restitution of cultural property to the countries of origin constitutes an area in which international relations are put to a test, a noble test to ensure that cooperation among state and non-state actors can effect change in the right direction in a wider area on which there is consensus on an international level, that of the absolute need to protect the cultural heritage of humanity.

My delegation attaches particular importance to this issue and to the efforts of the United Nations, in general, and UNESCO, in particular, for the considerable work that has been done in this direction. In this respect, we welcome the Secretary-General’s report contained in document A/54/436 and the 9 recommendations contained in the report of the Director-General of UNESCO on the action taken by the organization on the return and restitution of cultural property to the countries of origin.

Mr. President,

Since our last discussion on this item before this august body, a major development has taken place. The entry into force of the UNIDROIT Convention on Stolen or Illegally Exported Cultural Objects on the 1st of July of 1998, a development which we warmly welcome, has added yet another important tool in our common efforts to protect the cultural heritage of the planet.

Cyprus, as a state-party to the Hague Convention of 1954 and a signatory of its Second Protocol adopted earlier this year, also follows with interest the work undertaken in the preparation of a Draft Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage and expresses its support for the efforts in this direction.

Cyprus notes the decision by the British Museum to organize an international conference on the cleaning and conservation of the Parthenon Marbles and welcomes the draft resolution submitted by the European Parliament for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to their natural home, the Acropolis of Athens well before 2004 on the occasion of the Olympic Games to be held there that year.

We believe that the Parthenon Marbles constitute a special case on the issue of restitution of cultural property to the countries of origin. They are not simply yet another item whose legal ownership is contested, but present a unique case. They are an integral part of one of the major monuments of civilization that has survived for more than two and a half millennia. We believe that the efforts for their return to Greece should be intensified and that such a development would contribute to the spirit of cooperation between two friendly countries whose bonds of friendship run very deep.

Mr. President,

The combating of illicit trafficking in cultural property is a task that requires perseverance and multi-faceted efforts. One of the major areas in this direction is the exchange of information and the compiling of inventories. Cyprus supports all efforts in this respect including the establishment of an on-line network by UNESCO that will include the widest possible inventory of cultural artifacts that have been stolen from their legal owners, including those removed illegally from areas of conflict and occupied territories.

Another area of cooperation which has to be expanded is that of the collaboration between police forces, museum staff and customs officers. Cyprus welcomes the efforts of INTERPOL in promulgating this cooperation and welcomes the protocol established between UNESCO and the World Customs Organization as well as the agreement between UNESCO and INTERPOL and the development of a database, containing 14,000 objects, by the latter.

Cyprus welcomes the adoption, on a national level, of several codes of ethics relating to the acquisition of property, by many museums in industrialized countries along the lines set by the Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property of 1970 and the ICOM Professional Code of Ethics. We consider it important that, as we are ready to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the landmark 1970 Convention, next year, an international code of ethics will come into being further establishing the code that should regulate trading in cultural objects.

Mr. President,

My country’s 9,000 years of recorded civilization has left us with an immense cultural heritage that we have an obligation to protect and bequeath to future generations. By virtue of Cyprus’ geographical position at the crossroads of three continents and many civilizations, its cultural heritage has, through the millennia, been continually enriched and provides an insight into the many civilizations that have existed on the island during its long and colorful history. Many of the artifacts of this rich cultural heritage can be viewed in museums throughout the world. There are many more that have become objects of illicit traffic, especially those removed illegally, from the territory of the island, currently outside the government’s control. The plundering of the cultural heritage of Cyprus in this area has been so widespread that has led to a decision by the United States, a decision which we warmly welcome, to impose in April of this year, an emergency import restriction on Byzantine ecclesiastical and ritual ethnological material from Cyprus unless such material is accompanied by an export permit issued by the Government of Cyprus. Our determination to investigate the fate and pursue the return of every object of our cultural heritage removed illegally from Cyprus, to their legal owners is unshakable. In this effort, we look to the international community to extend its support.

Thank you, Mr. President.


delegate of cyprus , if you see this you’re in luck!!

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The following was my speech on the agenda of illicit drug crop production for AMUN 2008 ; just to give y’all an idea of how to write it!


Thanking the respected chair and the executive board, the delegate of the Kingdom of Spain would like to put forwards Spain’s stand on the issue of illicit drug crops and alternative development.

Growth of drug crops by farmers as commercial crops has always been a global issue . The main drugs crops grown by farmers to sell as illicit drugs include opium poppy, cannabis plant and cocaine plants.

Spain is not a significant producer of any kind of narcotic. The Spanish drug law prevents the production of illicit drugs. To discourage farmers from growing drug crops , the Spanish government mainly works with NGOs such as the  AECAM (ASOCIACION PARA EL ESTUDIO DEL CANNABIS AMIGOS DE MARIA) . Spain is an active member of ENCOD which is the European coalition for just and effective drug policies. Spain participates in “the single convention on narcotic drugs which prohibits production and supply of specific (nominally narcotic) drugs. Spain is taking the necessary legislative steps to bring its counter-narcotics and crime laws into compliance with EU directives. Spanish narcotics officials participate in major multilateral narcotics organizations, including the Dublin Group and the UN Drug Control Program (UNDCP).

The United Nations has various programs focused on their goal of eliminating illicit cultivation of coca and opium by 2008. These include the United Nations International Drug Control Programme (UNDCP), and the Strategy for Coca and Opium Poppy Elimination (SCOPE). Since 1980’s the United Nations has focused on broader alternative development strategies which focus not only on forced eradication by law enforcement but also on health care, education, infrastructure, food supplies, and income-generating activities.

Spain feels that simply forcefully eradicating the illicit crops is not enough. Rather there needs to be a focus on the development of alternative crops, which make it possible for the farmers to move away from the illicit cultivation willingly.


Please note this is a sample speech so donty try to CTRL +c.CTRL+v it!

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince(Review + Download)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)


THis is the poster

THis is the poster

User Rating:
7.9/10 25,001 votes

David Yates
Writers (WGA):
Steve Kloves (screenplay)
J.K. Rowling (novel)

Release Date:
17 July 2009 (India) more
Adventure | Fantasy | Mystery | Romance more

As Harry Potter begins his 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he discovers an old book marked mysteriously “This book is the property of the Half-Blood Prince” and begins to learn more about Lord Voldemort’s dark past.


This was one of the most awaited flicks of the season for me and I was dying to watch it. After buying tickets in advance for the top-right(VIP), I sat down ,  visibily anxious and expectant. A friend commented that i should loosen up as were there to enjoy. But alas! The movie failed to live upto my expectations and was radically different from the book, it was almost a standalone film and for one who has read the book ; the deviation from the plot was unbearable with crucial scenes missing from the storyline. For all those who were looking forward to Harry locking lips with Ginny , you’ll be dissapointed as there was only one uncalled for kiss which barely lasted 2 seconds. What was my least favourite part of the movie?>>The preposterous Burrow destruction scene that served no purpose at all. Of all the inumerable and vitally important Dumbledore/Harry meetings; only two are depicted which is sad as muggles who haven’t read the book wouldnt understand all the fuss about that measely little ring later on. Undoubtedly the potrayal of the retreival of the horcrux is admirable and the only part which fits into the galore and grand scale of Harry Potter Series. Although it’s not a good filam and should have been made in two parts , you cant miss it . But its not worth spending Rs.200/- on so the solution………download and watch it. This a warez scene release with credits to Team Retentiva@pspiso.comfor the upping and LiNe for the original .


Notes: 268 mb, MP4 file, to be played with VLC Media PLayer . Allow VLC to connect to the interent and aquire the codec for the video first. Audio is in mp3 format.


The Lego RCX kit is an amazing robotic kit , on the other hand the NXt Kit  is a revolutionary piece of sophisticated technology,refined robotics equipment.Its a guarantee that as soon as you receive your kit you will not wait to lay your hands on the box and tear the packaging off…  will you not be able to keep your hands off it over the weekend.
Anyway ……skipping over to the good stuff