Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s surgery successful!!!

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As I saw before my eyes on the Friday evening edition of news on AAj Tak!!,

I froze. I was just informed(thanks to the rather eloquent presenter) that the Prime Minister hon’ Doc.manmohan singh has just been admitted to aims for a double redo bypass surgery. As i faintly remembered , he had already undergone Angioplasty once in 2003 but I guess the blockages must have resurfaced.

Whilst the TV presenter said in their cliched manner(which reminded me of the most recent news reports on the mumbai terror blasts) I wondered about the severe blow that this had dealt to the Congress’ hope of campaigning with the Prime Minister at their forefront . It also made me seriously wonder Manmohan Singhs’s health and fitness to be able to sustain another 5 year term at the Parliament House…………doesn’t it make you wonder.

The timing though was impeccable and by impeccable I mean completely peaccable (if such a word exists). What with the country at a poetntial war with PAkistan and also under an apparent terror seige the last thing we needed was India’s most accomplished diplomat (thanks to N-Deal) in the ICU instead at the frontlines trying to strengthen diplomatic relations b/w the two countries.

So the question is raised -will Manmohan Singh be able to sustain another term at the helm of the world’s largetst democracy???Probably yes because the surgery has succeeded (hurrah!!!!!).

But one can still not overlook the fact that the impact of this incident on the minds of the voters could be inevitable and the littleteam of trustworthy,hardcore Congress voters could be completely abrogated.

The scales now seem to tip fairly well in the favour of BJP for the upcoming election.Cinsider

Inflation+Mumbai terror attacks+Pm’s deteriorating health(national)

What do you think?Vote for your chosen party.Please do vote.


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Vegetärin oder isst du Fleisch?(vegetarian V/S non-vegetarian)

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For what seems like eons now, debate has ensued which form of nutrition is better _ being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian ……….

This is an ever continuing debate . In India , although the demographic is changing, there are still people equal number of people in both camps . There are people who swaer by vegetarianism and it’s benefits and people who can’t seem to live without our usual chicken,salami,fried chicken,chicken curryetc.etc(my mouths already watering)So is the science behind the stuff you eat and after reading this post you decide which is better vegetarianism or being a flesh eater.

Vegetarians(Counter Terrorists):-

Now leet’s get this straight.there are three kinds of vegetarians namely:-

Vegans or strict vegetarians exclude all animal products (e.g. meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, and other dairy products). Many vegans also do not eat honey.

Lactovegetarians exclude meat, poultry, fish, and eggs but include dairy products.

Lacto-ovovegetarians exclude meat, poultry, and fish but include dairy products and eggs. Most vegetarians in the US are lacto-ovovegetarians.
If you are vegetarian , congractulations!!!You are at less risk of

  • Heart disease
  • Colorectal, ovarian, and breast cancers
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Chronic diseases

But even every golden cloud has a black lining in this case border. Being a vegetarian you probably lack:-

  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron
  • Vitamin B-12

If you are an athlete and a vegetarian or planning to become one(especially a vegan)reconsider your decision,you might have more energy as compared to your flesh eating counterparts but less stamina and strength + they dont eat only flash……so they might not be so much affected by the difference in trophic levels.

A vegetarian meal can provide all the essential nutrients needed for good health and is also likely to be higher in fibre and phytochemicals (both are found in plant foods and important for good health). A vegetarian meal can also be lower in fat if properly planned.


youll have more:-

  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Zinc(incidentally it’s good for prostate health-yeah ! for that)

But your atbmore risk of;-

  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic disease
  • And your life span may be shorter bu up to 5-15 years.

The Perfect Diet for a perfect and long life:-

I am both a vegetarian and non-vegetarian.Basically i am an omnivore, I take my daily portion of vegetables and fruits at home and get its benefits but simultaneously I eat non-vegetarian dishes at school which balances out my deficiency in Vitamin B Complex (although sometimes especially when i am ill I take a pill of Vitamin B complex).

*************I AM NO NUTRITIONIST**********************

Please comment and please do take the polls.

The making of Chak de India!

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The making of the awesome film Chak de India!

And why did yrf make the film???

PS.Notice how all the names of characters were plays on the names of real indian women hockey players!!

Major debt on your credit card?Here is the perfect solution!

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Well in these dire times of financial crisis , it only seemed appropriate that my first *REAL* post be about how to manage your credit card debt i  2009. “Credit Card Debt” has become the doomsday word for many Americans . well here’s a complete credit card bill pay-off scheme thanks to the courtesy of Dr.Suze Orman who recently came on Oprah . So if you missed the show or forgot to jot it down here is the complete plan.

Play Your Cards Right

Thanks to recent congressional pressure, some credit card issuers have become a little more consumer-friendly. Citigroup, the world’s largest card company, has quit using “universal default,” which permitted it to raise users’ interest rates even if they slipped up on payments to other creditors. Chase has decided to stop using “two-cycle billing,” a practice that enabled the company to charge interest even for periods in which cardholders didn’t carry a balance. But don’t think for a minute that creditors have become altruistic. They can still make plenty of money off your account if you aren’t paying attention. Here’s how a little effort can help:Request a lower interest rate. If you’ve been a reliable client with a solid credit profile, there’s no reason to settle for a card with a rate of 15 percent or more. Call customer service and be polite but firm: “Given my strong credit history and the fact that I pay my bills on time, I think the interest rate on my card should be reduced to 8 percent. If you can’t do that, I intend to take my business to a lower-rate card and cancel this account.” (You can shop for a better deal at, but don’t actually cancel the card. It’s best to get the balance down to zero by transferring it to a new card or paying it off. Then don’t use the card again.)

Pay on time. According to a study by the Government Accountability Office, 35 percent of cardholders paid at least one late fee in 2005 and the average cost was $34, compared with $13 a decade earlier. This is too expensive a slipup to make. Even if you can’t cover the bill in full, send in the minimum payment by the due date.

Eliminate your highest-rate balance first. To deal with multiple credit card balances, always pay the minimum due on each, and add more than the minimum onto the one with the highest interest rate. Concentrate on getting rid of the debt on that card, then move on to the card with the next highest interest rate, and so on, until you’re in the clear.

Follow these 3 golden steps and you’ll be out of credit debt i no time!

For more help with gauranteed results buy Suze Ormans 2009 Action Plan!!

For more help with gauranteed results buy Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan!!

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Lil’ Wayne-Best Rapper Alive!!!!!!!!!

January 23, 2009 5 comments

He came, he saw, he conquered!!!!!!!

This is probably the best description for rapper Lil’ Wayne whose most recent album Tha Carter III sold over a billion copies in 2008 by far outselling sales of Viva La Vida by Codeplay which was expected to storm the charts.

The wordplay and snazzy nature of his lyrics grabbed all the eyeballs. Lollipop made a sensation and Got Money was 2 gud. With A millie being one of the best solo rap performance ive ever heard(and trust me ive heard a lot)Wayne won a well deserved 8 grammy nominations.

Its no surprise then that he was easily able to de-throne kanYe West from the top of the pyramid with kanYe having gone ripe with the not close too competition love songs. kanYe himself accepted his defeat at the American Music Awards by giving his award to Lil’ Wayne on stage , its clear that the numero uno spot is no more up for grabs.

And with a new album commin out(Tha Carter III-The Leak or Tha Carter IV, whichever comes earlier)lets all keep our fingers crossed that he grabs at the least 3-4 grammies and that his new album is fanatstic like tha previous one!

Heres wishin lil’wayne a great year ahead!Piece Out!!!!!

Daniel Radcliffe Announces ‘Broadway Annoying Audience Member Relocation Program!

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Daniel Radcliffe — the young star of Peter Shaffer‘s play EQUUS on Broadway (Broadhurst Theatre, 235 W. 44 St.) appeared on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” Monday, January 12 on NBC-TV.

Talking about EQUUS on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Radcliffe noted that “I’ve done it about 260 times. I am genuinely having a very good time, we have 4 weeks left and I hope everyone comes and sees us.”

He talked about a change that was made as the production moved over to the United States, a change was made to the production. He said that “originally one of the horses in the show was called ‘Trojan’. I say ‘what’s his name?’ and the answer is ‘Trojan … and you can stroke him.’ We went into the rehearsal room, and I didn’t feel that we could say that, because all the American tourists were laughing, so we we decided to call it Hero.”

When asked by Conan about the seating on the stage, Radcliffe noted that it’s “Cool normally…because it’s like an old-fashioned auditorium/ One night, behind me, I hear whispering and I sit down on the block and I hear ‘Dan, Dan, look up’ for the entire first act of the play. It was these 4 girls trying to talk to me – you know who you are!

This is why I would like to take this opportunity to initiate a new initiative – ‘The Broadway Annoying Audience Member Relocation Program’ so if you’re phone rings more than 3 times, if you have a throat infection which causes you to cough, if you’re talking to the actors, or if you can’t find what’s in your plastic bag after more than 10 seconds… then you’re moved to the Conan O’Brien show or somewhere else.”

EQUUS will conclude its 22-week engagement as scheduled on Broadway on February 8th, 2009. The play opened in September 2008 at the Broadhurst Theatre, marking the Broadway debut of Daniel Radcliffe. Mr. Radcliffe stars in the revival of Peter Shaffer‘s play opposite Tony Award winner Richard Griffiths (“The History Boys”). Thea Sharrock directs this production, which marks EQUUS first time on Broadway since its debuted and won the Tony Award for Best Play 35 years ago.

Daniel Radcliffe is the internationally-renowned star of the “Harry Potter” films and will begin shooting the final “Harry Potter” movie shortly after concluding his Broadway run in EQUUS, in which he made his much-heralded Broadway debut, followed by considerable acclaim.

EQUUS is Peter Shaffer‘s play about a mild-mannered young stable boy (Radcliffe) who blinds six horses in his care, and what happens when a court-appointed psychiatrist (Griffiths) attempts to unravel the mystery behind the boys demonic act.

Hello world!

January 23, 2009 1 comment

Hello World!!!!!!!!1

And literally because iI wish to access the world from my new blog.I chose to shut my other one down because it was too much of a hassle

So here goes nothing

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