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Bata-Bing! Bata-Boom! Bata-Bang!

January 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Now that I’m over with adverting for teh not so famous Indian chappal/shoes/footwear maker, I shall proceed in earnest!

[DISCLAIMER::The following may/may not be a sponsored post, wotcher. For excessive Vogonic references, the inconvenience  caused is regretted, however you can get a 42% discount on Eccentrica Products for the next semester. ]

Clearing teh UCP was pointless as the dust had settled permanently mixed with my utterly radioactive excretions mutated into a giant dust munster- The Big Dusty Fiant( The BDG) . Yes I know Roald Dahl is turning in his grave. Anyway… coming back to the point.

This is my (almost)last and (pe)ultimate stab at renervating the very soul of my half-deceased blog. 7 half lives have gone so far. For all you chemists out there yhe formula is 100/(2^n). So I shall strive to write regularly now.

What have I been upto?

Well, a lot of things. This boy has learnt l33t. An article is due.

Learnt the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything.Anotehyr one.

Finally solved the perplexing question which happened to be my first thread on

And I helped evolved SpaceSet to SpaceS3t to SpaceS4t to Space54t to SpaceSex to SpaceSolongandthanksforallthefish And finally to Space53x

Hanging out with other cool 42 fnatics is funnner than anything. But now, he came, he blogged, he conquered, he peed. Oops, sorry.

Anyway so thats an overview of upcoming events.