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Get a free macbook pro!!

Alright……so i have been browsing around the web and found a very interesting business model to get free stuff.You can get a free macbookpro if u help me get get 1 do the following: on image below

2.sign up using real info(fr shipping purposes)
3.complete an offer

4.get referrals

5.get you macbook pro!!

If you believe me then click on this pic:

Get my free macboom now!!!

Get my free macboom now!!!

Not convinced?heres how it works….

How it works

The way these sites work is pretty simply. From the welcome page you know that you have to sign up, complete an offer then refer ‘x’ amount of people to do the same. This page will highlight what exactly is happening as you do so.

The Freebie Site:

They are the medium ytou go through. All you have to do with the is complete one of the plethora of offers avaliable, which release commision to the site. There are many free trials so you dont have to pay a penny.

The Offer Site:

They benefit because they are getting people using their services for much less than it cost for normal advertising mediums. Advertising on the radio can cost between £200-£700 for 1 minute. Getting one person to try their good costs them max £40, so it is worth it for them. You will be dealing with sites such as:

To companies this is not as great a risk as doing TV ads, as it doesnt cost as much, yet they are reaching a wide audience in the process.

You and Me:

We the consumer are in a great position. We are able to try out services we may not have known had excisted for free as well as get an item we want like a free iPhone or free Nintendo Wii. When we sign up and complete an offer, we are releasing money for the freebie site to use to buy us our free gift, and when we refer others they are also helping us to get our free gift, and themselves too. So we end up in a total win win situation with the gifts we always wanted for free.

The Diagram

For those that like to see it in a more diagramatic view, here it is: